Sales Girl Killed in Broad Daylight in Mobile Showroom – Pinky Rawat Kashipur News

A salesgirl working at a mobile showroom on Girital Road in Kashipur was killed with a knife. This incident occurred in broad daylight and caused a sensation in the city. Police officials, who arrived at the notice of the owner of the mobile showroom, inspected the site and took stock of the situation. Police have sent the body for postmortem. A case under section 302 has also been registered against Manish Chawla, the owner of the showroom, on the basis of suspicion.

Pinky’s family and the hill society staged a massive protest in protest against this incident and to punish the culprit as soon as possible. In which slogans were raised against the police administration, the Mayor and the MLA.

The incident took place on Friday the 18th of October. The shop owner Manish Chawla settled in Kashipur from Ghaziabad 15 years ago. He has made his home in Girital Colony. He also has a transport job in the name of Pandey Travelers on Bajpur Road. A year ago, Manish also opened a mobile showroom in Girital under the name ‘The Mobile World Bhumika Enterprises’.

Video – Protest demonstration – Protest – Pinki Rawat Kashipur News

Who is Pinky Rawat?

Pinky Rawat, 22 years old, is a resident of village Digaulikhal in District Pauri, Tehsil Dhumakot and her father is Mr. Manoj Rawat. Pinky was working in this showroom for the last three months. She was living on rent with her brother Praveen Rawat in Chandan Singh’s house in RK Puram Colony on Manpur Road.

According to the news at about 12 noon on Friday afternoon, showroom owner Manish Chawla informed the police that Pinki Rawat, a salesgirl, was murdered by someone in his showroom. On receiving the information, ASP Dr. Jagdish Chandra, CO Manoj Thakur, Trainee CO Amit Kumar, Kotwal Chandramohan Singh, etc. reached the spot along with the police force. Where the body of the sales girl was soaked in blood in the storeroom of the showroom. There were also traces of blood on the counter and the floor. Manish Chawla, the owner of the showroom, told the police that at around 11.45 am Pinky called him and told him that a customer had come to the shop and was asking for the rate of the power bank. On which Manish said that he would reach the showroom shortly after stating the rate of the power bank. Pinky was alone at the store at the time of the incident. When Manish reached the shop after about 20 minutes, Pinki’s body was found soaked in blood. Along with this, 11 mobiles worth about Rs 1.5 lakh were also missing from the showroom. SSP Dr. Jagdish Chandra told me that the purpose of this incident is to feel robbed or some other rivalry. And the case is being thoroughly investigated.

Eight stabs of a knife on Pinky’s body – Pinky Rawat Kashipur News

In this incident, the killer stabbed Pinki with a knife eight times. Six marks of which are reported to be 10 cm deep. It is estimated that the murderer stabbed Pinkie’s neck and hit eight after another. Lots of blood splashes were found on the showroom floor and counter. It can be inferred that in his defense, the deceased must have fought a lot with the killer. But it is not yet clear whether the killer who carried out the incident was the same or more.

No CCTV installed in the vicinity

When the police arrived after receiving information about this incident in Kashipur, Uttarakhand, CCTV camera was not found in the showroom. The police searched for CCTV far and wide but did not see the camera anywhere. CCTV was installed in the house opposite the showroom but the cameras were found to be defective. It is speculated that the killer may have run through the street passing the showroom after the incident.

Police started searching for clues from Pinky’s mobile

Police are also exploring the possibility of Pinky’s mobile set to unravel the mystery of this murder in broad daylight. And the police have taken the mobile of the deceased from the scene. Police are involved in the investigation by extracting the CDR of the deceased’s mobile. Based on the mobile data, the police are expected to get some clues.

Strong protest in protest

In protest against this incident, people of Pinki’s family and the people of the hill community staged a massive demonstration at the Cheema intersection today. People demanded that Pinki’s killers should be arrested as soon as possible. Slogans were also raised against the police administration. The protesters said that until the killers are caught and punished, their performance will continue.

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