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Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was established in 1991 to fulfill the vision of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv ji had dreamed of a modern India which is secular, independent and progressive. His vision was that our country should be a country that stands on the foundation of the democratic principle of equality, and development is given to its rich cultural traditions. Carry along He envisioned a country with educated people, prejudiced; Where women participate in every task with equal status. They believed that there should be a nation that has the opportunity and will to empower all citizens, especially the underprivileged. That is why the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was established. From 1991 to 2009, the Foundation did many things for the overall development of society.

Main Work :

1. Health, Literacy,
2. Health, Science and Technology,
3. Women and Child Development,

4. Assistance to the Disabled – Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities Program
5. Panchayati Raj Institutions,
6. Natural Resource Management,
7. Libraries etc.

What is Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Online Access to Opportunities Program?

The Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities Program means providing opportunities to improve the social and economic lives of physically challenged people. Because the World Health Organization estimates that more than 60 million people worldwide have different types of disabilities. Live life with And according to the 2011 census in India, their number is around 2 crore 68 lakhs. These people with disabilities are deprived of various types of facilities, including access to education, employment, rehabilitation facilities and other basic services.

The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation believes that by increasing mobility of a physically challenged person, their access to education and employment opportunities also increases. Based on this belief, the Foundation started the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities’ (RGATO) program in 1992. Through this program, the Foundation provides specially designed vehicles to young disabled people.

Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities Selection Terms and Conditions:

1. Age: 18-35 l
2. Income: Rs 3,500-10,000 per month.
3. Level of Disability: 60% or more.
4. Disability of lower limbs but with ability to drive.
5. Disability certificate from an authorized department or agency.
6. May not have received this help in the past

In this program, the following persons are given priority –

1. Student.
2. Women.
3. In whose family more members are disabled
4. People living in rural and remote areas.
5. Those who do not have any government job.

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Online Form

This program is organized every year, whose form you can get from the foundation’s website


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