How to Pay Traffic Police Online Challan Payment?

Nowadays there is a debate on the traffic rules in the whole country because the Government of India has given many times the fine on those who break the rules of traffic. Although this penalty has been increased to protect people from accidents. This is proving to be a big problem because a small mistake leads to a fine of thousands of rupees. And once a fine is made, depositing it is even bigger. No less than trouble. That is why the state governments are looking for new ways to get rid of the trouble of paying the fine to the people. One such method has been started by Delhi Police. In which you have to pay the penalty for breaking your traffic rules online. You can also fill it. Today we are telling you the complete information step by step.

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How to fill traffic police Challan online? Traffic Police Online Challan Payment ?

  1. First of all, you have to search the website of the Transport Department on Google.
  2.  You can also search by writing Traffic Police Online Challan Payment on Google.3
  3. After this you will see “Check Challan Status – E-Challan” in the search option, on which you have to click.
  4. After clicking on this link, you have to write your vehicle number or challan number. After this you will also have to write captcha code.
  5. After this you have to click on the button containing the gate details.
  6. Now you will see the complete information of your challan, including notice number, vehicle number, address of the rule breaker, and information of the rules you have broken, and you can also see the photo of your vehicle where you have broken the traffic rules. You will also see the value of how much of your invoice has been deducted, which you have to pay.
  7. In this page you will see the green button of “Pay Now”, by clicking on which you can submit your challan online.
  8. When you click on Pay Now, you have to select the payment gateway, which is the gateway to SBI Stat Bank of India. You have to deposit money in this bank. You can pay at any bank’s ATM / Net Banking, Credit Card Can do
    When you proceed, you have to fill your bank’s ATM or Net Banking information, from which you want to pay. The whole process of which you can see on the video below.
  9. After this, you will see a new page which will say – “Notice Payment has been received successfully”.
  10. Now you will see the printer’s point of view under the option Receipt. By clicking on it you can get the receipt of your invoice.
  11. And in this way, you can easily challan and challan any state. If you have any problem, then you must write to us.
    In the video below, the whole process is told to you.

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