How to earn money from YOUTUBE?

You must have seen a lot of videos on YouTube, but a lot of people probably do not know that those who put videos in YouTube get money, and people earn millions of rupees, we will give you complete information about making money from YouTube step by step here, And will try to explain well through the video, to see the latest updates, you keep watching our application online job alert.

To earn money from YouTube, you have to have a lot of internet knowledge and computer knowledge, however on YouTube too many people tell you what to do and how to do it, we are also telling you to step by step,

To create a channel in YouTube, you must have a live mail account, because YouTube is a product of Gmail, and you are paid by Gmail itself, you must read its rules before creating a channel on YouTube, because Many people work hard to make videos and upload to YouTube, but their channels are shut down due to lack of knowledge of the rules, the biggest rule in YouTube rules is copying The draft, a copy means right we use the created videos, photos and music to any and can not in my video, its many rules, we gradually will continue to tell you

To earn money from YouTube, you have to become high-quality videos that people like and after that monetize that video, then when traffic/view starts coming in your YouTube video channel, that is, people will start watching after that. You will start wishing money, you can invite viewers to your channel through social media and SEO (search engine optimization).

How to upload or upload videos to YouTube?

First of all, you create a Gmail account and login to YouTube by doing the same. If you already have a Gmail ID, then login with the same.
Now at the top right, you will see the icon of the settings. Click it and enter your YouTube settings accordingly.
Now right and click on the “Upload” button. On clicking, you will be asked to create a YouTube Channel. If you want, create a channel under your own name or else make a channel under another name.
Now you are ready to upload the video. Now choose your video. Your video will start uploading as you choose. Here you write the title, description, and Tag of the video. If you want, you can create different playlists for your different videos.
Here you go to Translation and Advanced Settings and change the settings according to your requirement. Your video will be uploaded and published in a while and the whole world will be able to see it.
In the same way, slowly create and upload lots of good and useful videos. To make your video more attractive and professional, you should also use a good Video Editor Software.

How to make money from youtube?

First of all, upload lots of good videos and increase your Subscribers. Now go to Settings on YouTube and enable Monetization. Here you have to link your YouTube account with your Google Adsense Account. If you do not have an Adsense Account, you can apply. It will be told to you soon, now you are ready to earn money from YouTube.
Other ways to earn money from YouTube:
Fan Funding – Urge your fans and Subscribers to fund you so that you can make more and better videos and upload them.
Work with Brands- Yes, there are many big companies who want to work with successful and popular YouTube Channels. Have an agreement with them.
Crowdfunding – Raise money through crowdfunding.

How to make a video for youtube:

You can make videos for YouTube in many ways. There are many websites and software with the help of which you can make good videos very easily. Nowadays, a lot of people do all the work on the mobile like shooting, editing, uploading,
How to make professional and good videos for YouTube.

  • Smartphone – If you have a smartphone with which you can shoot HD quality videos, then use it to its fullest.
  • Camcorder – When you are successful, buy a good camcorder and record your videos from it.
  • Screen Recorder – There are many software and Android and iPhone Apps with which you can easily record the activities happening in the screen of your computer, laptop or smartphone. Use such software and apps. We use the Mobizen Screen Recorder, you can download it for free from Play Store,
  • Video Editing – There are many good and free video editing software available with which you can further enhance your videos and make them professional. Use them. You will find much software like Filmora and Cinemaster in the Play Store.
  • Background Music – You can also apply background music to make your video more attractive. Much such music are available only on YouTube. Note that you cannot use someone else’s copyright music.

What to do to earn more money from YouTube?

Wishing money from YouTube is not a very difficult task. If you have only a Smartphone and Internet, you can still.

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